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Did you know: Smell is very important to bontebok and they have a waxy gland, the preorbital gland, that squeezes out a smelly wax, like toothpaste and as they walk through the veld they rub their horns against the bushes and branches and leave their personal smell behind — just letting everyone in the neighbourhood know who they are and where they have been. There are not many places in the world where you can spend a day sitting and watching bontebok in their own environment. And others of us, well we learnt how to behave like a bontebok… they are an amiable beast, and in order to have a fight they walk around each other a couple of times, they size each other up and the bigger male wins and the other male walks away. We may well learn about famous leaders and and we may well meet great men and women in our time — but Madiba will always be the the father of our nation, a leader that led our nation with integrity, out of a difficult past. The African bontebok is a medium-size antelope with dark shading on its flanks and marked with white stockings, belly and rump. The bontebok owes its bounce back from near extinction to a number of things, but one stands out. Many African antelopes are known for their dramatic jumping ability. Other species like kudu and impala have similar athletic abilities. A fence presents no obstacle for these animals. Not so with the bontebok. The large animal only lives in the Western Cape of southern Africa and they were slaughtered for meat. By the s, the herd had expanded to the low hundreds, but it took the designation of a national park to help them thrive. In , the aptly-named Bontebok National Park gave the animal a wilder place to live. Subscribe or Give a Gift.

These animals were saved by the van der Bijl and other farming families, and in due course the Bontebok National Park was established. Another group of about five young rams travels together, after being chased out of the herds by other bontebok, while more young rams roam the property in small groups of two or three. There are now between and bontebok in the world. There are currently 50 bontebok on the year-old estate, which was acquired by Anglo American plc in Bontebok Damaliscus pygargus pygargus are recognisable by purplish highlights on their sleek chocolate-brown coats, a white rump patch, and a white blaze on their faces. Vergelegen, which hosts local and international visitors annually, has welcomed nine newborns to its growing bontebok herd this summer.

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Meet Women in Bontebok
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